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My Endless Wishes - S/T - (DOOCD008)


This is the debutalbum of My Endless Wishes. Released march 29th in Europe.

My Endless Wishes was created in 2005 by Frida and Martin Viberg, married since 2006. Musical influences have always been melodic metal, bands such as Evanescence, Nightwish, Within Temptation, etc.

Joined by some local musicians they entered a studio in 2008, and recorded and produced a demo named ”Never Walk Alone”, which contained 9 tracks, and was released in 2009.
The song titled ”Never Walk Alone” was also released on MySpace and got so much attention that it was released on a cd compilation named ”Ultra pop overdose” in the USA.

At this time the only permanent members where Frida and Martin, My Endless Wishes did not have a solid foundation and were struggling to create that unique sound. The band played a lot of gigs during the summer of 2008, among those a Ukraine mini-tour, which was the result of an earlier Ukraine gig from 2006.

In 2009, two more permanent members enters the band, Magnus Källström on bass, and Fredrik Pernros on guitar, both with a shared vision about the wanted sound, and a long background in the Hard Rock/Metal scene, but something was missing.

There had been several drummers in the band through the years, and this slowed the progress down, but when Erik Ekestubbe auditioned, late in 2009, it was absolutely clear that the band was now complete, and the goal to take the sound to a higher level came within reach.
Late 2011, the sound was bigger, heavier and more distinct, - the seed that would grow to the band’s breakthrough and the co-operation with DOT Music AB and Doolittle Group, where they got in touch with Frippe Eliasson, Niclas Eliasson, and Christian Liljegren (known from Narnia, Golden Resurrection).

After the deal was signed in February 2012.
My Endless Wishes entered the studio during autumn and winter 2012 to record the self titled debut album.

The album is recorded at Production House Studio, Örebro, produced by Fredrik Eliasson. The sound is really bombastic hardrock with an edge. Real strings are also used on the album and creates a great atmosphere!

Promotion starts in February and the album will be released March 29, 2013.

My Endless Wishes is all about delivering a positive message, and doing so with a great sound!

Line up:
Frida Viberg – Vocals
Martin Viberg – Guitars
Magnus Källström – Bass
Fredrik Pernros – Guitars
Erik Ekestubbe - Drums

01. Follow The Light
02. Cry For Deliverance
03. A Part Of Me
04. Lost Without You
05. Angel
06. Waiting For A Sign
07. Paradise
08. Searching For A Hero
09. Before I Say Goodbye
10. Stronger
11. Silent Tears
12. Once Again